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SAVE-ARCHIE-SONIC is rubbish by MeltingMan234 SAVE-ARCHIE-SONIC is rubbish by MeltingMan234
After I've stopped visiting this stupid club out of boredom, I might as well get this off my chest.

This group is probably the most pathetic group on DA ever and since it's one of those "save *item*" groups. Basically, since the Archie Sonic comics were forced to go through a reboot thanks to SEGA and mostly from the long and complicated Ken Penders Lawsuit, the universe's history has been re-written to be a lot closer to the games, thousands of characters have been banned, re-designs were made, etc. So apparently someone decided to make this group as an attempt to save the characters and go back to it's original timeline, and it's usually run by Louis-The-Hedgehog, the Satam Fanboy who worships Ben Hurst as God. Now if this group was more of a group that acts as a memorial to those banned characters and the old timeline, I'd be fine with that. But no, they have to go out of their way and scheme some kind of plan to make Archie Comics get the characters back and the old timeline dubbed, Operation: Mailbag. This almost puts the Sonic 4 Boycott to shame. Hey Louis, remember all of those failed attempts you made with taking down SEGA of Japan and trying to shut down Encyclopedia Dramatica? Ya, obviously you never learn from your mistakes. If they can't convince them, then I guess murder would be on their mind, no surprise really as the Fanbase is full of insane people. Recently it's been proven that the new timeline is here to stay and that nothing can be done to go back to the old timeline, even before that they stated that nothing can be done about this change and yet all of those saps think that it's not impossible and that they can still save the comics. Sure sure, and we still have a chance to get Franklin D. Roosevelt to come back as president, or get William Hartnell to reprise The Doctor, oh wait, their dead, and so is the old timeline. I wasn't that happy with the new timeline for a while, but now I'm over with it as nothing can be done to change it cause everything changes around us and most people don't bother being mature about it or just, I don't know, grow the f**k up. Obviously anyone who joined this group won't give up in, "saving the comics" when it's already too late to save it. We all know Pender's Star Trek Knock Off Project is going to flop, and it's still not going to convince him to give his character back to Archie, the agreement was already said and done, nothing can be changed. He might end up living in the streets inside of a cardboard box for all I care. So if anyone comments here saying that there's still a chance, name one other comic book company that has gone through this kind of lawsuit where a former writer files a lawsuit against a company for his characters, gets them back, but then through some unknown magic, somehow gives them back to the company. So do yourself a favor and don't bother joining this club, taking part of their scheme is like waiting for another Vectorman game or Sonic Adventure 3, cause it'll never happen.
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Imachair5050 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014
Agreed. It's far too late to save the comics. And that saddens me because I know that given the right writers, the comics can be amazing (personally, I don't think that Flynn is a bad writer, it's just that his writing style doesn't really interest me as much as other writers, like Scott Snyder, Alan Moore and Grant Morrison).

As far as I can tell, here's what can be done:
1) Have the Archie Sonic comic series cancelled (that'll shut SAVE-ARCHIE-SONIC up. Permanently.)
2) SEGA could give the rights to make a comic series to another, much larger comic book publisher (Dark Horse Comics, IDW, Etc. Hell, I'd presonally like to see what a Sonic series whould be like in the hands of DC comics. Sonic/Justice League crossover, anyone?) with a more talented writing team (Am I the only one who'd like to see Grant Morrison write a Sonic story?). 
3) SEGA should just leave the creative team to do what they want. Don't mess up their work with mandates.
4) Keep the characters that made it through the Archie reboot (that may help bring some of the Archie-Sonic fans on board, providing they aren't whining about it).
5) Bring back the Penders-made characters (this may seem impossible, but according to some sources (EVEN PENDERS HIMSELF) Archie are currently still allowed to use his characters, they've just chosen not to. Clearly, then, something can be worked out).
6) Make Sonic the main character again (There's a reason why it's called SONIC THE HEDGEHOG).

What do you guys think?
SleetandDingolover Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014  Professional General Artist
OptiMario94 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I dislike The Archie Sonic comics too and i agree with you!.
RedTheCookie Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
im with you on this

i dont want archie to be deep and dark again
mobius got removed, the old characters got removed
and even the redesigns popped up,ken penders made a comic
that ruined everything,.

But hey im fine im going to be in sonic video games anyway.
Rock-Raider Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014
I can at least say that I sympathize with them.  I only found out about the whole Archie & Ken Penders debacle about a week or two ago, and it has left me pretty upset.  However, realistically, I think the most likely thing to happen to get Ken Penders' characters back in the Ken Penders would be, decades from now, Ken Penders dies of old age, and his family, no longer interested in retaining the rights to his characters, sells them to Archie.
greece4life Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
What characters are banned from the comics? Can you tell me?
MeltingMan234 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
Anyone that is not made by SEGA, Satam and Ian Flynn.
greece4life Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, brother. Facepalm  What's next? No, I disagree! 
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