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Name: Proto-Kelly Roo
Species: Kangaroo, Prototype
Created: February 18, 2005
Origins: DeviantArt
Sex: Female
Normal Attire: Purple suit, white lab coat, glasses, blue shoes
Special Talent: building cyborg model machines
Likes: science stuff
Dislikes: bratty kids
Resides in: Scrap Valley

Born in Tokyo, moved to Australia, and soon became a scientist in Sydney... and then ended up in the Rejected World. Proto-Kelly was a character that was created to be with a bunch of other characters before she was replaced by another kangaroo who works as a teacher at an A.A. Elementary School. Proto-Kelly keeps herself busy in Scrap Valley, gathering whatever scrap she can find to continue her life in building cyborg models. She is smart, kind, and enjoys all things sciencey. Her disability is being unable to calculate the right amount of  fuel to power her cyborg models. Building robots is one thing, but calculating the amount of fuel and other complicated mathematic analysis are not her speciality. At least her machines don't always blow up like Proto-Engineer's experiments.
Here's a character I stumbled upon when I was submitting things into the Forgotten Characters group. Some people who have heard of this Kelly Roo character know her as a teacher in a comic on DeviantArt that's been going on for a while, so it was interesting to find a prototype design and completely different backstory.

Character belongs to Virus-20
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Submitted on
January 24, 2014


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