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So with the new Reboot thrown into the Archie Sonic Comics after dealing with a ridiculous and complicated lawsuit with a former writer, the Satam Cast have been given new designs in this new universe. So what do I think abut them? Very minor is what comes into my head.

Rotor's gone more muscle with his new design instead of the, fat and lazy look, that he had for a while. He still has the green belt strap thing, some new shoes and gloves. He still builds things such as the Sky Patrol and knowing how to use its defenses and all that, yeah not much, just a little more fit. There's nothing really too drastically changed with this, the personality is still the same, color scheme is still the same, very minor. At least they didn't decided to go with the "Big on muscle and small on brain power" stereotype.

She's got her robotic parts back in this new universe after she lost them thanks to Naugus in the old universe. Her hair style has changed, still wears the pink shirt, still has the western accent and personality, nothing else. The only thing that's been changed is that she no longer wears her hat or her coat anymore, which I will miss seeing. Other than that, it's still Bunnie.

Apparently gone commando now that he only wears boots, gloves, a white belt and a white cross over his chest. Hope Organization XIII doesn't  mistake him to be their new member. lol Near the end of the old universe, Antoine started off as a cowardly wimp and soon matured to defend and fight for his friends and New Mobotropolis. In fact the last time I saw Antoine in that goofy coward mode was from the Tails Adventure Adaptation. His color scheme is a little darker but not too dark. He also seems to be more athletic as he is able to spindash with his sword drawn. Now that's one spindash you don't want to get caught in. So he still retains his courage even after being shaken up from getting his old memories back. Fangirls are still going to go ga-ga for him.

The computer with a mobian lynx body. While her old design made her look like an african/american or whatever foreign country it is, her design has been simply updated to a new attire and minor hair style. Originally her pony tails would look like electrical cords but this was soon taken out, which I'm glad they did that. If they kept that in, the jokes about that would never end. Personality as you would expect, is still the same so yeah, nothing to drastic on my favorite lynx/program character.

Honestly there's nothing different about him, same design, same attitude, still the same. The only thing different is that he no longer wears specticals and doesn't wear the Council of Acorn uniform since I'm theorizing that that orginization never existed in this new universe. He just looks more like his Satam design, nothing else.

Now this is probably the only character that was drastically changed out of the cast. Back than Muttski was just a dog, or Mobini to be more precise, and acted like, well, a dog. So now in this new universe, he's an anthropomorphic animal aka Mobian, works as a assigtant to Uncle Chuck even for his young age, wears sandals, gloves and am ascot, as well as going by a new name. It's also believed that his new name is a tribute to Ben Hurst, one of the writers on Satam. So now that Mutt's a mobian, he's going to be an interesting character and might have more appearances in the comics, unlike his Mobini form.

Ah yes, this is when all hell broke lose when this design was revealed. In short, this design is less ruff. She wears clothes for once instead of her vest and boots, and that's what set off the fanbase. Makes ya wonder why they weren't pissed off out of all of the other times Sally wore clothes in the comics. Her design includes of a blue vest closed, black tank top, black shorts, boots, gloves, and blue rings that enables her to use her beam swords, very similar to her beam swords when she was robotosized again in the old universe. Personality is the same, and that's about it. Besides the clothes the fanbase was pissed off all because of sally no longer having cheek fuzz. So? Did they have any special powers like shoot laser beams out of them? Or destroy an entire planet from scratching them? NO! Of course not. This just mystifies me on another subject. They rant about green eyes and they rant about cheek fuzz, so how come nobody ranted about when they changed the color of Crash Bandicoot's chest fur from orange to tan/skin color? Just goes to show that the Sonic fanbase is the only fanbase to become that sensitive over little detail changes. If they were playing the first Sonic game on a virtual console, and everything was the same as the original, except they miscolored one pixel on one specific level, they'll rant to no end.

So there ya have, very minor redesigns. It's not like they decided to redesign Bunnie into a Giraffe and give her a russian accent, or redesign Antoine into a Albatross and give him an asian accent. nope, they're still the same as they were. A lot of people would refer to them as "SEGAfied" and while they do look like they could appear in a Sonic game, I don't use the term. The only time I would use that term is if Sally, Rotor and the others did absolutely nothing to help Sonic and just sat around and did nothing, just like Knuckles and Amy/Minnie Mouse in the recent Sonic games.
Someone asked me about what I thought of the redesigns in the archie sonic comics, and here they are. Should've marked this as part of my Archie Sonic Analysis series.
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Glaber Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm ok with most of the redesigns, except Antwan's, He needs his shirt or he doesn't look right.
Mryayayify Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ikr, you need to wear a uniform if you're really in the military why not have a uniform like this…. if you don't like wearing a uniform, then you don't like being in the military
ToaArcan Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
For reference, I think the problems that most people had with Sally did have reasons that made some sense.

1) Everyone else (Bar Muttski) basically got a new costume and hairstyle. Even Rotor just got his bulk redistributed. Sally got a complete overhaul, and from some angles, doesn't really look like herself anymore. The character she's closest to would be Sonia Acorn from XYL, who was notably half-hedgehog.

2) Without the fur on her cheeks, Sally's head looks like a basketball.

3) Her redesign basically came from Eggman cutting her up with a blowtorch after roboticizing her, and stuffing her full of guns and blades. Sally is apparently okay with this.

4) Due to her gender-neutral body, noodle limbs, and short hair, she frequently looks like a man in some panels.

Other than that, they're a mixed bag. Bunnie's is okay, it's basically her old look with a different hairstyle. Rotor's doesn't sit as well with me, because I always saw him as the mission control type, and less of an actual fighter. Antoine's is okay, but the jacket was kinda part of his identity as a soldier, so taking it out to make him look like a SEGA character is a bit irritating. I don't really care about Muttski. He's basically Tails Lite, and nothing would have been lost if he'd stayed a Mobini or just never appeared again. Nicole on the other hand, I like. I think it might be because she looks like she could easily have that design without a Retcon Beam or a blowtorch.
RyuTheWeredragon Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014

You do realize that it has nothing to do with Sally being blowtorched right? The design doesn't even look that much like Mecha Sally. =_= So for the last time STOP BRINGING IT UP!

Also, Mobian girls do not have fur on their cheeks in the games. Recheck them all. Not even Blaze.

Also, her body isn't really that much more gender neutral than anyone else's. It's called "consistency". Before, none of the non-game Sonic characters LOOKED like Sonic characters. That was the biggest problem with Sonic the Comic (Other than EVERYONE being a dick and the fanbase only ragging on Sonic for it).
ToaArcan Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
We've never spoken before, so "for the last time" is hardly appropriate. And, well, I actually didn't use the "Blowtorched" thing all that often, until I read Ben Bates' three part series on the new design, where I learnt three very important details: 1) THere were other options available, which maintained the theme of "Similar design, new outfit" that most of the others follow. 2) SEGA were not to blame for the redesigning, nor was it done to please SEGA, it was done on a whim by the staff at Archie, and 3) The redesign, at least for Sally, would have happened regardless of the reboot or not. The whole point of weaponising her was so that she would be deroboticized and immediately have her new look and attire. Bates knew, as early as when he was pencilling for 230, that it would be the last time Sally's normal design appeared in the comic proper. 

Except this isn't the games, and it wasn't a SEGA mandate, and Nicole still has cheek fuzz.

Yes, figure consistency. That thing that none of the SEGA-original female characters have. Because, you know, Rouge the Bat and Cream the Rabbit have the same build, right? Furthermore, Sally and co. were Sonic characters before Amy and Metal Sonic were. And by that I mean the real Amy ROse, not the fancharacter-cliche storm that was in the obscure manga beforehand. The SEGA characters in themselves have a lot of diversity, even within species (Compare the four SEGA hedgehogs, or Shade and Tikal, for example. Big also looks hugely different from Blaze). THe previously-mentioned Bates did an excellent job of making the SatAM cast and the background Mobians fit in with their one-dimensional SEGA buddies, to the point that many people, myself included, wondered whether the redesigns were really necessary (Amazingly enough, they weren't). Plus, if you want to say that none of the non-game characters fit, then obviously that must extend to characters like, say, Scourge, who is literally a green Sonic with a natty outfit and burnt bacon on his chest. Or Kintobor, who is basically thin Classic Eggman. And meanwhile, things like the Kron, Nrrr'gal, KyogreVoxai, Zoah, Metarex Black Arms, and the creepy 06 humans look totally fitting next to their Mobian co-stars, right? Nope.

Hate to say this, but there isn't really a standard on what a Sonic character is. People seem to accuse the Archie characters of not looking like Sonic characters because they don't share the same build/body type as Sonic, Amy, Tails, or Cream (Depending on age and gender), except very few of the SEGA characters actually do follow that. Sally and co. never looked particularly out of place next to Sonic and Tails beforehand, not if the artist was good enough.
RyuTheWeredragon Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014
Didn't speak, but I've read your comments before.

Actually, there IS consistancy -

All the Sonic females wear clothes
All the Sonic females have eyelashes
None of the ORGANIC Sonic females have Cheek Fuzz (NICOLE has it because she is inorganic)
All the Sonic characters, male or female, have Gloves - heck, even Eggman advocates gloves.

As of the reboot, all the Sonic characters we've seen have followed Sega consistancy. The characters from before DIDN'T LOOK LIKE THEY BELONGED IN A SONIC COMIC. They looked like they belonged in a generic furry comic, which Penders was admittedly turning it into when it wasn't focused on Knuckles the Gary Stu.

Were the designs neccessary? At a technical standpoint, no. At a visual and logical standpoint? The SatAM cast and Archie original characters should have had redesigns to look more like the redesigns the Sega cast got back in 1998. The redesign was nineteen years overdue.
ToaArcan Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I see.

Sally still wore clothes, so did Bunnie. Heck, Bunnie was overdressed compared to the SEGA cast. THey also had eyelashes, and the whole point of Nicole's holographic body is that he looks like an organic.  Gloves are the only point that definitely stands, even then, it's still with exceptions. 

Except Nicole, again. And you seem to think that the comic was like hat right up to 247. It wasn't. Bates made them fit in, and Yardley did a pretty good job too. 

THey did get redesigns to the same extent that Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles did: New proportions, eye colours on everyone, more detail. That's a decent redesign. Furthermore, since I'm guessing this really refers less to Antoine and ROtor, and mroe to Sally and BUnnie, there wasn't any consistency in 1998. Amy was the only female Mobian in the games. 
RyuTheWeredragon Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014
"Sally wore clothes" Uh-huh. Then why is it that all the people who are lambasting the artstyle said that "Sally shouldn't be wearing clothes"? Quit contradicting yourselves.

Bunnie DID wear clothes, but, they were wildly inconsistant. Plus they gave her a six shooter that she never used.

Nicole's form, even pre-reboot, was stated to be a bit uncanny valley to the Mobians who weren't her friends. Beforehand, it was lack of shoes. Now it's the tufts of fur. She hasn't quite gotten it down yet, is what I gather.

And your point on redesigns? No, they got redesigns to look like human bodies with animal heads. -_- That's when the Archie Haters started being able to use that as one of their reasons why Archie sucked, or didn't you notice?
ToaArcan Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm not saying that she shouldn't wear clothes. I'm saying that the ones she was given don't suit her. There's a difference. Hey, you'v read my comments, you should know that I think all of the character should be clothed.

Not really. Tube top, born jacket, stetson, done. Ad giving her a gun isn't something against her, considering the Shadow game.

You mean the same lack of shoes that Rosemary Prower had when she wasn't in-uniform? THe uncanny factor seems more like it would come from her being a 3D image, complete with a glow or flicker.

That's bad art, and the good artists avoided it.
RyuTheWeredragon Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014
I think they suit her fine. It's really her same outfit with a top under the vest, the vest being closed, and shorts. << It wouldn't have suited her if they gave her a skirt like Amy or a body suit like Rouge - I mean I could imagine her wearing a body suit for some missions, but I don't think she'd wear it every day.

Eh, most people didn't like Shadow the Hedgehog (I'm not among them, but I can see where the problem is). Also during the point she was given a gun, they were stated to be illegal in the Acorn Kingdom, so that kinda' went against the STORYLINE. Furthermore she never USED it. I like her new design a bit better anyway.

Yes, and Rosemary was one of the worst designed characters in the series. Her design was all over the place. When out of her council outfit she looked like Tails in drag with the old fur color. In the council uniform she looked like Sally's mother turned uber-bitch.

At the time there were VERY FEW good artists. I think Axer was it?
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Hero-T Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014
MDTartist83 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014   General Artist
Very true.
Theshadigi Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So what do you think of the new sonic cartoon coming late this year? In my case, I don't know whether to hope for it or not, considering only 1/4 of the shows were successful (Satam, mabye AOSTH, but I hated the later) And it's on cartoon network, which bugs me because of their rancid schedule. 
akessel92 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014
Thank you for doing this btw you forgot about the fact that Naugus has a tail which in the comics he didn't weird. And king acorn got a redesign to.
Cartoonguy133 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014
I agree. The designs don't look too bad. Dare I say, I think they're better than the SatAM designs. I too will miss Bunnie's jacket and hat though.
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